Friday, June 11, 2010

Product of the week - Concha Nacar Skin Care Kit

This Concha Nacar Kit contains one night cream #1, one day cream #2, one bleach cream #3, one cleansing cream, one rejuvenating cream and one vitamin E cream. Kit does not come in gift basket or wrapped package, they are simply four individual products combined as a treatment set to save you time and money.

Concha Nacar or Nacre (also known as Mother of Pearl) is an anti-aging ingredient for the skin. It has been used since ancient times, and in China it used to be claimed that this product could stop the formation of acne scarring. Madre Perla is particularly very common in Latin America and its proven success is making its way to America.

Concha nacar used to consist of only crushed sea shells which contained nacre, aragonite, silicates, concholin and other types of nutrients for the skin. However, this product contains additional ingredients to offer antioxidants!
Perlop Skin Care Kit - Concha Nacar Set - Alivio Vital - Mexican Products - Health Products - Mexican Medicine
Perlop Skin Care Kit - Concha Nacar Set

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